Food trends and consumer habits are evolving rapidly. Consumers are becoming more aware and selective on the food they consume. Vernons has been involved in the food sector for many years, we understand that to survive and evolve we must diversify and adapt to these trends.

In line with our mission, “we continue to adapt to an ever-changing market and consumer trends in which we constantly strive to evolve and compete”, Vernons has extensively researched consumer habits, which today have become health conscious and aware of the food they eat, however, looking for food that is conveniently packed to cater for today’s busy lifestyle and also, competitive in price.

As such Vernons will be investing in new machinery to produce fresh food products in conveniently packaged containers.

This has been only possible due to the aid of ERDF Grant Schemes under SME Diversification and Innovation Grant Schemes, that has been granted to Vernons. This aid will contribute to Vernons adapting to such a demanding market whilst increasing employment opportunities and safeguarding current workforce.


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