Our Brands

As a leading food production and importation company, Vernons is able to represent some of the top brands on the market. Our range includes canned tomatoes, mushrooms and peas, canned tuna, ready-chopped garlic and herbs, ketchup and mayonnaise, sugar, margarine and flour. Vernons represents the following local and international brands:


Crafting the beloved flavour of genuine Maltese bread. Maltese bread (or hobz tal-Malti) is one of the staples of our society. Made from sourdough and baked in wood ovens, it tastes best when made with top quality flour. Launched in 2008, our Tal-Angli bakery section has quickly built its reputation for fantastic Maltese bread-flour, as well as complementary products including yeast, salt and sugar. As a result, we now supply a large portion of flour to the local bakery market, across Malta and Gozo.

Our flour has been specially-developed to meet the needs of the island’s traditional bakeries, some of which are over 300 years old. The fact that Vernons has managed to make its mark on this very unique sector is testament to the hard work and dedication that has gone into crafting products that exceed expectations.

Food Service

A comprehensive connection for the catering industry. At Vernons we are committed to providing quality ingredients tailored to the needs of the sector in question, whether that is the retail market or the commercial sector. Our Food Service Department provides a comprehensive service to catering establishments, and is primarily focused on the unique needs of snack bars, pizzerias, and pastizerias. Thanks to our extensive range, we are also able to deliver a variety of quality products including canned vegetables, flour, sugar, margarine, oil, ketchup, mayonnaise and convenience items. Our mission is to become a one-stop food service shop for the catering industry.


Bringing quality produce to you. At Vernons, we’ve been taking our products directly to our consumers for decades. Our range, which includes our own-brand products as well as our imported items, is retailed through supermarkets, grocery shops and convenience stores across Malta and Gozo. These outlets are serviced on a weekly basis and all deliveries are made within 24 hours of being ordered. This sector accounts for a substantial portion of our business at Vernons, and we regularly assess the latest trends in the market so as to match and exceed the expectations of our retail consumers. This includes the development and/or importation of convenience foods such as pre-packages items, readymade sauces and freshly-chopped ingredients.